Weronika Lewandowska på Ordsprak

Publicerad Av den 4 Okt 2013 I Övrigt

Ikväll är det dags för bland andra Ewok, Kung Henry och Alma Kirlic på Ordsprak. En annan som ska köra är grymma Weronika Lewandowska, ”a slavic poet experimenting with dynamics of words, sounds, images and VJing”. Ordkanon hörde efter vad vi kan vänta oss av ikväll och hur det är att jobba i Sverige.

What can the audience expect from your gig at Ordsprak?
I am going to present a part of my longer performance, which reveals my audiovisual approach to poetry. It will be a very short story about the nature, love, silence and insomnia.

How do you like working in Sweden? With Syntax Error and at Ordsprak? How is it compared to working in other countries?
Syntax Error was an unique experience! I worked with a great team of Theater Kurage in Gothenburg and with Amy Everhart, one of the best spoken word poets I have ever heard. The play is about a process of creativity, misunderstandings, errors which may arise in communication at the scene, life, and when you try to translate your own experience on stage experience. We had a great time and I think the audience can feel it watching the play.

We had only few days to make this play and perform! The hardest part was not asking the question ”Why do we do this?”, but instead of that, be still open and give yourself time to wander and make errors. Sweden encourages creativity! Because creativity is also meeting, so I am happy that we are going to see so many interesting poets in Uppsala today.

Do you have any other plans in Sweden in the near future?
Not yet, but I have friends here and we are talking about many crazy projects, which we could do in the future. Poland also inspired by my Swedish friends!

Missa inte Weronika ikväll, det kommer bli fett!

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