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Spoken Word Education

Agnes Török is an award-winning Swedish/Scottish spoken word poet and workshop leader in Swedish and UK schools. She is part of a movement of Spoken Word Educators, using performance poetry and live literature as tools for building skills in effective written communication, public speaking and confidence among pupils.

The spoken word education workshop

Agnes Török

Agnes Török

The Spoken Word Education Workshop is a performance and workshop concept involving a performance from Agnes Török, an award-winning English-language poet, as well as workshop exercises focused on building creativity, effective communication, and public speaking skills. Using a mix of writing exercises, performance exercises and group exercises, Török brings classes of pupils on a journey in enjoying improving their written and verbal communication, confidence, and ability to work as part of a group.

The spoken word education workshop can be tailored to specific themes and needs of the school and class. It can run as a one-off workshop (2,5 hours including breaks) for each class, but gives the students most new skills and confidence when run as a series involving three to five separate workshops for each class. When run as a series, the workshop series finishes with a performance where the students who have participated get a chance to use and show their skills as writers, performers, orators and attentive audience members. When the workshop is run as a five work series, the pupils will have had enough time to learn and practice that faculty and staff, and even friends and family, can be invited along to the final performance.

The Multilingual workshop series

The Multilingual workshop series draws on the need to simultaneously creatively combine and separately develop the multiple languages owned by bi- and multilingual pupils. It uses the tools from spoken word education to give pupils greater ownership of, and creativity in, their multiple languages. The workshop runs as a series, involving five portions that can be scheduled over two-three days or over five weeks, with the final week being a performance.

The first portion of the workshop includes a multilingual performance from the bilingual award-winning poet Agnes Török, who regularly performs and publishes work in both Swedish and English.

The second portion of the workshop includes the pupils writing poetry in ways that creatively mix and match languages, expressions and colloquialisms. The result is greater confidence and self-expression in the multiple languages held.

The third portion of the workshop involves public speaking skills and the pupils translating their poems into English. The pupils learn key tools for nonverbal communication, and this section involves looking at the ways in which body language, facial expression, tonality and physicality can help keep the creativity and integrity of the many languages intact, while the poems are in written and verbal form translated into English.

The fourth portion of the workshops involves a focus on active audience participation. The pupils learn skills to not just stand on stage, but to support other people when they are on stage. Through a focus on active listening, non-verbal support and group effort, the pupils learn to help the person performing or speaking in front of the class to feel more comfortable and appreciated. All students get a chance to build their confidence in public speaking by having an actively listening class, and all students learn active listening skills.

The fifth and final portion of the workshops include each of the pupils performing their written piece in front of the class, with each pupil expected to put into practice what they learnt in the writing, performing and audience skill set portions of the workshop. A celebratory event where the students can support each other, and invite faculty and staff, or even friends and family along to see what they have learnt.

“Agnes is engaging, supportive and receptive to everyone as a workshop leader”
– Student and workshop participant

“The workshops kind of changed my life”
– Student and participant in creative writing workshop with fokus on mental health

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